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Office-Bearers for the year 2017.

R.W.M. Bro. M. Gibb P.M.
I.P.M. Bro. C. Arthur
Depute Master. TBC
Substitute Master. Bro. A. Rodger P.M.
W.S.Warden. Bro. Ian McIntosh PM
W.J.Warden. Bro. D.W. Brown
Secretary. Bro. J.F. Fisher P.M. Dis.S.Dip.
Treasurer. Bro. A. Morton P.M.
Almoner. Bro. James Tait Andrew P.M.
Chaplain. Bro. D. Oswald
Senior Deacon. Bro. S. Forsyth
Junior Deacon. Bro. H. McLeod
Dir. of Ceremonies. Bro. W. McGuire P.M.
Marshall. Bro. D. Joyce
Architect. Bro. A. McNeil
Jeweller. Bro. G. Wilson
Bible Bearer. Bro. J. Syme.
Bard. Bro. W. Reid. PM
Sword Bearer. Bro. R. Cameron
Director of Music. Bro. B. Bryce. P.M
Asst. Secretary Bro. P.G. Miller. P.M. Dis.S.Dip.
Historian. Bro. J.S. Donaldson Dis.S.Dip.
Inner Guard. Bro. P. O'Brien
Senior Steward. Bro. P. McCormack
Junior Steward. Bro. G. Flint
Tyler. Bro. J.J. Kemp P.M.


Lodge Committee

RWM, IPM, DM, SM, WSW, Secretary and Assistant, Treasurer, Almoner and Past Masters.


Enquiry Committee

RWM, IPM, WSW, WJW, Secretary, Treasurer, SD, JD, IG and Past Masters.


Social Committee

Sub-Committee of the Lodge Committee.


Finance Committee

RWM, Secretary, Treasurer, Bro. M Gibb P.M. (Almoner) Bro. PG Miller P.M.

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