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The Order of the Temple

The Preceptory and Priory of Greyfriars Stirling

No. 51.

Malta Muster

18th March 2020 AD.  902 AO.

Masonic Hall

2 Union Street, Bridge of Allan

Constituted 18th January 1922

Venerable Preceptor: V. Fra. Gregor K. McInnes

Secretary & Register:  V. Fr. David W. Brown

70 Main Street, St. Ninians, Stirling. FK7 9AZ. 07886 915721


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Dear Sir and Frater,                 

You are summoned to attend a Muster Greyfriars Preceptory and Priory, to be held within the Masonic Temple, 2 Union Street, Bridge of Allan on Wednesday 18th March 2020 at 7.15 pm prompt, the V. Fra. Gregor K. McInnes presiding.

Please also take note of the various events listed below. The Venerable Prior would be very grateful for your support.

Order of the Day


  1. Priory opened in full form by the Venerable Prior.

  2. Welcome to Knights present.

  3. Apologies.

  4. Obituaries / Illness

  5. Minutes of the Malta Muster of 17 April 2019

  6. Correspondence.

  7. Accounts

  8. Malta Ceremonial on a 3 Fraters.

  9. Uplift of Offertory.

  10. Any other competent business.

  11. Closing.

  12. Retire to Refectory


There will be a rehearsal at 4 pm on 15 March 2020 at Bridge of Allan. All Officers who take part in the Malta Grade are urged to attend.

There will be a Committee Meeting at 7 pm on 18 April 2020, immediately before the Muster. The three main items of business are:

(a) a financial matter;

(b) consideration of a potential Aspirant; and

(c) Preceptory and Priory Centenary.

The Venerable Prior would appreciate a full attendance of Officers.

Please also take note of the various events listed below. The Venerable Prior would be very grateful for your support.


Secretary and Chancellor

Notes and Dates

* The Data Protection Policy of the Order is available from the Secretary.

1.         Items for sale: Temple and Malta Rituals £3.50 each. (from the Treasurer)

2.         Please inform the Secretary of any changes in address.

3.         Fratres please remember the high costs of postage and printing.

            Donations are always welcome. Including Refectory raffle prizes.

4.         Greyfriars Web Site: 

5.         If any Frater would like to be included in the e-mail distribution list, contact me

            with your e-mail address, making better communication and keeping postage

            costs down. Thank you.


6.         The following Preceptories of the Forth Valley Meet on

Greyfriars               3rd Wednesday Sept. to Apr.

                  Douglas                  2nd Monday Oct. to Apr.

                  Falkirk                    3rd Thursday Sept. to Apr.         

                  St Mungo’s             4th Tuesday Sept, Nov, Jan to Apr.

                  Torphichen              1st Friday Sept, Oct, Dec. Feb to Apr.


Greyfriars Preceptory Musters (Year 2019-20)

(v) denotes District Visit, (m) denotes Malta Muster, (i) Installation (a) AGM

Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
18th(a) 16th(i) 20th(v) 18th 15th 19th 18th 15th(m)

Officers for the Session 2019/2020

Temple Priory Name
1.    Ven. Preceptor Prior V. Fr. Gregor McInnes
2.    I. P. Prepector I. P. Prior

V. Fr. John LW Lax

3.    Sub. Preceptor Capt. General Fr. Ian Taylor
4.    Seneschal Lieut. General

Fr. William Straub

5.    Constable First Lieut.

Em Fr. Paul G Miller HGP GMA

6.    Mareschal Second Lieut

Fr. Hector McLeod

7.    Almoner Hospitaller

V Fr. Matthew Gibb PP

8.    Chaplain Chaplain Em. Fr. A. David Page HDGH
9.    Treasurer Treasurer V. Fr. Grahame J. Smith
10.  Secretary Chancellor V. Fr. David W. Brown PP
11.  Chamberlain Conservator

Fra. Robert G. Stewart

12.  Beaucennifer Banner of St. John Fr. Andrew Logan
13.  Br. of the Vex Belli Banner of Malta Fr. David Battersby
14.  First Aide Mareschal

Fr. James Ferguson

15.  Second Aide Captain / Outposts Fr. Stewart Jeffrey
16.  Herald Herald

Fr. Henry Adams

17.  Organist Organist

Fr. Allan G. Stevenson

18.  Steward Steward Fr. James F. Fisher HDGH