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Greyfriars Preceptory holding under The Great Priory of Scotland, is located in the City of Stirling in the Forth Valley. The Venerable Preceptor John L.W. Lax welcomes you to this web page, thank you for visiting and please feel free to browse our pages. All Fraters are welcome to visit us.

The Musters of Greyfriars Preceptory are held in The Masonic Hall, Bridge of Allan at 7.15 pm prompt.

Greyfriars Preceptory Musters (Year 2020)

(v) denotes District Visit, (m) denotes Malta Muster, (i) Installation (a) AGM

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15th 19th(v) 18th 15th(m) 16th(a) 21st(i) 18th 16th
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